Diesel Engine Oil

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Diesel Engine Oil for Cat® Engines

Diesel Engine Oil for Cat® on-highway trucks, earthmoving, commercial, and marine diesel engines combines a high quality base stock with a proprietary, balanced additive system having a combination of metallic detergents, ashes dispersants and multi-purpose inhibitors. This oil assures superior control of oil thickening caused by soot buildup and high temperature oxidation, and provides outstanding resistance to varnish deposits and corrosion.

Diesel Engine Oil Greatly Exceeds Industry Standards

The American Petroleum Institute (API) CH-4 category defines a minimum engine performance level for commercial engine oils. Many companies develop two types of oil: ”fighting grade” and ”premium.” Generally, fighting grade oils just meet API CH-4 specifications, while premium oils exceed them. You need to make this distinction with your oil supplier when you make your decision to purchase oil. Cat diesel engine oil is a premium oil that greatly exceeds the minimum requirements of API CH-4.