328-3655: Hydraulic & Transmission Filters
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    328-3655: Hydraulic & Transmission Filters

    Part Number: 328-3655
    Brand: Cat
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    Advanced Efficiency Hydraulic Oil Filters protect your system against accelerated wear with special filter media engineered to provide greater protection in moderate to severe applications.

    Cat® Hydraulic Filters provide the best protection from contaminates and abrasives by keeping them from wearing down the tight tolerances within the high pressure hydraulic system. Cleanliness is the key to maintaining proper lubrication of your sensitive hydraulic system.

    Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    • Metric
    • Efficiency Rating: Advanced Efficiency
    wheel-type loader
    972H, 980H, 966H

    motor grader
    160M, 120M 2 16M3, 160M 3 AWD 160H, 120M, 140M, 12H, 14M, 160M 3 12M 3 140K 2 163H, 160M 2 12M, 140M 2 140M 3 AWD 140K, 120H, 12K, 140M 3 18M3, 12M 3 AWD 160K, 24M, 12M 2 14M-3 143H, 135H, 140H, 14L 120K 2 120K, 14M3

    petroleum products
    CX35-P800 WS223, WS305 XD, TH55-E70 WS255 XD, CX31-C9I WS223 SS CX31-C15I TH48-E70 WSP305 CX31-P600 WSF255 WSF255 XD WSF223 SS CX31-C11I WSF255 SS WS255, TH48-E80 CX31-C13I WS273 XD, WS255 SS, WSP223, CX31-C18I WS223 XD, TH55, WSF223 WSP273 TH55FT-E90 WSP255, CX35-C18I

    motor graders
    16M, 120K, 18M3, 12M2, 140M2AWD, 160M2

    wheel dozer

    off-highway truck
    793F, 789D, 785D, 785G, 777F, 789C, 797F, 785C, 775F, 793F OEM 773F, 793F CMD 793F XQ

    underground articulated truck
    AD55B, AD60

    583T, 587T, 572R II 587R

    engine - industrial
    SPF743, SPF343C

    track-type tractor
    D6N, D6T, D6R III D7R II D6R, D6R STD D9T, D10T, D8T, D7R LGP D6R XL D7R XR D7R

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