1P-4278: Standard (Worm Drive)
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    1P-4278: Standard (Worm Drive)

    Part Number: 1P-4278
    Brand: Cat
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    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • US
    • Metric
    • Hose Clamp Type: Standard (Worm Drive)
    • Working Diameter (in): 1/4 - 5/8
    • Working Diameter (mm): 6 -16
    TH337C, TH417D, TH306D, TH314D, TH82, TH340B, TH63, TH414C, TH355B, TH103, TH210, TH408D, TH406C, TH215, TH360B, TH336C, RT50SA, TH417C, RTC60 RT50, TH514C, TH62, TH330B, TH3510D, TH357D, TH460B, TH350B, TH220B, TH407C, TH560B, TH83, RT60, RT100 TH580B, RT80

    wheel tractor-scraper
    657B, 637, 637D, 615C II 613B, 631E, 621H, 621G, 623K, 637E, 657E, 657G, 660B, 631K, 611, 631G, 627B, 637K, 613C, 623E, 627G, 627, 633D, 627E, 627K LRC 621, 641B, 621K, 623K LRC 613C II 623F, 631D, 613G, 621F, 651B, 637G, 623B, 633C, 639D, 615C, 621E, 627H, 657, 621B, 623G, 627F, 615, 623H, 631C, 650B 633E II 627K, 621K OEM

    PL87, 583T, 572R, PL61, 572R II 583R, 561M, PL83, 572G, PL72, 587R, 587T, 561C, 561N

    underground articulated truck
    AD22, AD55B, AD60

    engine - generator set
    C18, 3412C, C15, C3.3, C9.3, C18 I6 PM3412 3456, C175-20, C175-16, C13 XQ350 C15 I6 C32, 3516, XQC1600, C4.4, 3512B, C13, C9, 3412, 3208, XQ425, G3516H, C3.4B, PM3508 3508, PM3456 PM3516, 3512, C27, C13 XQ375 C2.2, 3306B, XQ35, 3508B, C13GENSET XQC1200 PM3512 3516B, XQP300

    mini hydraulic excavator
    304E 306, 305 305E 303.5E2 CR 304E2 CR 307D, 305.5E, 305.5E2 CR 305E2 CR 308E2 CR 303C CR 303E CR 303.5D 308E CR 309, 307E, 308, 304.5, 301.5, 304.5E2 308E, 304E2 307C, 308D 302.5C, 308E SR 308E2SR, 301.6C, 308C 310 308E2 SR 304D CR 308E2 303.5, 307B, 308E2CR, 305E2 301.6, 307E2 305.5D 306E, 301.7CR 301.8, 304C CR 308.5 305.5, 303 305C CR 303.5E 302.5, 306E2 305.5E2 305D CR 304 303ECR, 303.5E2 301.8C, 302CR 303.5C 307.5

    forest products
    322C, 1090, 574B, 522, 543, TK752, TK711, 586C, 553C, 2391, 573C, TK1051, 574, 563C, 521B, 564, 560B, 2590, 1390, 2470C, TK721, 570, 2670C, 1190, 570B, 2491, 1190T, 2570D, 550B, 573D, 532, 563D, 2670D, 2390, 2570C, 227 521, 541, TK751, 584HD, TK381, 551, 2290, 552 2 FB221, TK370, 550, 580, 533, 584, 552, 1290T, TK732, 2864C, TK380, TK722, TK741, 541 2 511, TK371, 554, 522B, 580B

    wheel-type skidder
    518, 545C, 535C, 525C, 120C

    expanded mining products
    6015, 6015 FS

    track excavators

    off-highway truck
    797, 784B, 773G, 777D, 773E, 770G, 772B, 772G OEM 773B, 775G OEM 785B, 793B, 777E, 797F, 772G, 793F CMD 793F AC 777C, 769C, 793, 789, 793F, 69D, 773G LRC 775G, 775B, 793F OEM 789B, 769D, 771C, 770G OEM 777B, 776C, 785, 773G OEM 795F XQ 768C, 797B, 793F XQ 795F AC 776B, 775G LRC 771D, 793C

    cold planer
    PM-565, PM312, PM310, PM-201, PM822, PM313, PM820, PM825, PM-565B

    track-type tractor
    D5, D6N, D3K2 XL 6A D6H, 3P D6R, D8H, D3B, D7R II D11R, D5K2 LGP D6H XR D7R LGP D6T LGPPAT D8R D7R, D4C III D6M D5N D6C, D6H XL D5H, D6K2 LGP D4D, D6T XW D8N, D5R2 D8T, D5M D6T LGP D6R III D7E, D5R LGP 6 56 D6R II 6S D6T XW PAT D4B, D4K2 LGP D6T XL D11T, D9R, D4C, D6T XL PAT 5P D9T, D7F, D4K2 XL D4H, D3C III D6H II D9H, D6K XL D5R XL 53 D4K XL D3C II D6T, D5K LGP D6K2, D5K XL D6N XL D6G, D10T, D8R II 56H D6K LGP 4S D4C II D6N LGP 5 5S D3, D5K2 XL 4 D3K2 LGP D5G, D5C, D10R, D10T2, D4G, D5C III D9G, 6SU D3C, 4P D6R LGP 3S D3K XL D6R XL D7R XR D5H XL D3K LGP D3G, 5A PAT D9N, 5A D10N, D8L, D6K 3 D6R STD D6K2 XL D5C PATLGP D4K LGP D7E LGP D4H XL D6N OEM D5C PAT 55, D4H III

    track-type loader
    973, 973D, 951B, 953C, 953, 931C, 931, 963C, 943, 939C, 931B, 983, 973C, 963, 941B, 953D, 953K, 955K, 933C, 933, 935C, 977K, 963K, 955L, 963B 935C II 935B, 963D, 941, 951C, 939, 953B, 931C II

    petroleum products
    C18, C27, CX31-C18I C15, CX35-P800 C175-16, TH48-E80 CX38-P892 CX35-C18I C11, C13, TH35-C15I CX31-C9I CX38-P800 CX31-P600 TH35-E81 TH31-E61 C32, CX31-C13I TH48-E70 CX31-C15I TH31-C9T TH35-C11I CX31-C11I TH35-C13I

    track-type skidder
    4P D4HTSK III 517 125C 527 54H 120C, D5HTSK II

    paving compactor
    CS-64 CS-433B, CB15, CP-533C, CS-563E, CB-334E, CC-24B CS-323 CP-54 CS-663E, CS-54B CP-533E, CB-434, CS-68B CB-68B CB-434B, CB-534B, CP-533, CP-663E, CS-531D, PF-290B, CB2.9 CS-533D, CW12, CS-56 CP-563D, CS-423E, CB-334D, CS-563D CS-563 CP-433E, CB-534D, CP-64 CP-563E, CB-32B CP-563, CB-564D, CD10, CCS7, CB-24B CB-24 CB-434C, CS-533, CB-34B XW CB-214E, CP-54B CB-64 CS-44 CB-335D, CP-76 CB-335E, CB-634D, CB-32 CB-224D, PS-150C, CS-431C, CB-22B CB1.7, CS-78B CS-76 CB-44B PS-150B, CB-34B CS-54 CP-433B, CS-433E, CD-54 CB8, CS-433C, CB-36B CP-68B CP-433C, CB16, CS-573E, CB10, CS-683E, CS-533E, CS-573, CP-56 CB-534, CD-54B CS-583, CP-56B CB1.8, CS-531C, CS-531, CB-534C, CS-74 CP-323, CP-563C, CC2.6 CB-314, CP-573E, CC-34B CD-44B CB-54B PS-300C, CS-79B CB-64B CS-56B CB2.5 CB-634, CP-323C, CP-533D, CD8, CB-214D, CS-583D, CS-323C, PS-360B, CB-225D, CB-434D, CB-634C, CB13, CS-74B CP-74B PF-300C, CB-54 CB2.7 CS-563C CB7, CS-583E, CS-573C, CB-22 CB46B, CB-34 CB-225E, CS-583C, CB-66B CB-14 CS-533C, CW-14 CS-573D, CB-334E XW CP-74 CP-44 CW-16 PS-200B, CB-34 XW PS-360C, CS-64B CC-24 CB-535B, CB-14B CB-224E, CC-34

    motor grader
    140G, 120M 2 160M 3 AWD 120, 12M, 12G, 14G, 140, 14M-3 24, 14E, 140M 3 160M 3 120H, 135H, 140H, 14H, 18M3, 130G, 12H, 120M, 140M, 16H, 12M 3 12F, 14M, 140M 2 12M 2 14M3, 16M3, 160M, 163H, 120G, 24M, 16M, 24H, 14L 140M 3 AWD 12M 3 AWD 16, 160H, 160M 2 143H

    wheel-type loader
    993K, 962L, 988H, 980K, 966M XE 950M, 988K, 910, 988B, 972L, 950B, 962G II 950H, 950, 920, 950E, 966H, 970F, 924G, 966E, 966K, 994H, 950M Z 962H, 972K, 928G, 988, 972M, 966M, 966D, 972G II 962M, 906, 982M, 990, 938H, 990 II 938G II 972H, 966K XE 966C, 903C, 980C, 966L, 930, 992C, 962K, 902C, 914G, 980H, 904B, 966F II 980M, 972G, 966G, 902, 901C, 950G II 903D 950K, 980F, 908, 960F, 986H, 980K HLG 936, 994, 950F, 990H, 910G, 992K, 980L, 966F, 907H2, 988 XE 966G II 907H, 990K, 906H2, 972M XE 908H, 910F, 988G, 930G, 980B, 906H, 962M Z 950L, 950B/950E 992G, 980G II 924GZ, 903C2, 992D, 994K, 910E, 936F, 988K XE 908H2, 910K, 962 980G, 904H, 902C2, G910, 986K, 994D, 950 GC 936E, 988F, 994F, 901C2, 914G2, 988F II 914K

    engine - industrial
    3114, 3208, C-12, SPF743, C18, C3.4, C11, C15, C9.3, CPT372 3126B, SPS343 C175-16, SUF557 3456, C27, 3406E, 3176C, SPF343 C13, 3196, C-16, C-15, C32, 3116, C-10, C175-20, 3176B, SPT343 C9.3B, SPF343C PR20B SBF214

    articulated dump truck
    740, 740B, 730C2, 730C2 EJ 745 735, 730, 735C, 735B, 725C2, 740 GC 740C 745C

    engine - truck
    3208, C-9, C7, C13, C9, 3126

    35, 85E, 55, 65D, 45, 75D, 65E, 75C, 65C, 95E, 65B, 65, 85C, 70C, 85D, 75E, 75

    skid steer loader
    248, 232D, 262C, 226B3, 216B, 299D, 279D, 277, 299D2, 272D, 289D, 257B, 262D, 248B, 259D, 239D, 272D XHP 246D, 236B3, 246, 236D, 236, 246B, 226D, 289C, 242, 287C2, 277C, 252B, 299D2 XHP 287D, 277B, 277C2, 228, 257, 297D2, 262B, 242D, 277D, 242B, 272D2, 299D XHP 226, 226B, 272D2 XHP 252, 257D, 297D XHP 242B3, 267, 232B, 257B3, 297C, 267B, 232, 247B, 216B3, 256C, 279C, 246C, 216, 252B3, 287C, 249D, 289C2, 247B3, 236B, 259B3, 299C, 262C2, 247, 297D2 XHP 287, 287B, 268B, 297D, 279C2, 272C, 262

    asphalt paver
    AP600F, BG-2455D, AP-255E AP-200, BG-225B, AP355F, AP-300D AP-1000D, AP-1055D, AP-1000F AP555F, AP-800C, BG-230, BG-210B, AP-800B AP-1055F BG-260D, AP-800, AP655F, BG1055E, AP-500E, BG555E, BG500E, BG1000E, AP500F, AP300F, AP-1055E AP-800D, AP655F L AP-200B, AP-555E BG-225C, AP-1000E BG-230D, AP-650B

    material handler
    MH3037, MH3049, MH3059

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT14G2, IT62H, IT14G, IT12, IT62G II IT38G II IT12B, IT28G, IT14F, IT38H

    SR5, SR4, XQP500, SR4B

    wheeled excavator
    M325B W345B II W330B M325C MH

    engineer support tractor
    30/30 DEUCE

    road reclaimer
    RM-350B, RM500B, SS-250, RR-250

    wheel dozer
    834H, 844H, 834G, 834K, 834S 844K, 854G, 8A4K 834B, 824B, 824C, 814F, 814, 854K, 814B, 834, 824K, 844, 814K, 824G II 824S 834U 824H, 814F II

    311B, 365B, 325C, 320N, 375-A 325-A 320 L 320C, 319C 350-A L 316E L 320B, 325F 315F LCR 320E LRR 311C 5080, 318F L 215, 313F LGC 345B II 538 320-A L 330D FM 330C FM 350 L 320-A S 235, 330 GC 225, 315C, 320C L 335F 385C L 315B L 320 GC 325D FM LL 235C, 322C, 345B L 325B L 225B, 365B L 320, 320E L 325D FM 5230B, 320B LL 330F L 323F L 330C, 323F 330F, 323, 320B FM LL 329E L 325-A L 345B, 5110B 330-A L 315-A L 322C FM 323F SA 329E LN 215B, 385C L MH 568 FM 322-A N 235D, 320B U 324E L 330FMHPU 318C, 326F, 324D FM LL 330B LN 245, 312F, 323E L 330C L 312C, 320C FM 385C FS 323E LN 325C L 330-A 320-A N 330B L 365B II 231D, 312E L 225D, 324D FM 313F 322-A L 320B L 325C FM 5230, 323F LN 323F OEM 325 L 329E, 320D3 322N, 311F LRR 390D L 316F L 318B, 314E LCR 385B

    earthmoving compactor
    826B, 826K, 836, 836K, 836G, 816F, 815K, 816, 816F II 816K, 825C, 825G II 815F II 825K, 816B, 825 826C, 815B, 826H, 815F, 826G II 836H, 825H, 815, 825B