Levels, Measuring Tools and Gauges

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Cat® Levels, Measuring Tools and Gauges are all precision made instruments to help you meet your specific job requirements.

Universal Level

  • Made of high-impact ABS
  • Two easy-to-read Plexiglas vials, one a vertical angle dial adjustable

Tape Measures and Pocket Tape Measures

O-Ring Measuring Cone

  • Designed to measure SAE industry standard O-ring dimensions (cross section and dash size)

Block Magnet

  • Measures or checks for straight line dimensions on any large, steel structure using magnet restrained string lines
  • Fast, economical means of simplifying inspection of large steel structures for alignment, position, parallelism, dimensional accuracy
  • Strong enough to hold a tight string over a steel structure
  • Magnets can be stacked to obtain string clearance with structure features


  • Plastic Gauges for Checking Clearance
  • Feeler Gauges (Dual Scale, Feeler Gauge Assortment)
  • Metric Gauge to Quickly Measure Pitch and Lead of a Bolt Thread
  • Taper Gauge, Hardness Tester, and more