094-1882: TAPÓN
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    094-1882: TAPÓN

    Número de pieza: 094-1882
    Marca: Cat
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    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • Altura (mm): 6.35
    • Altura (pulg): 0.25
    • Diámetro (mm): 7.8
    • Diámetro (pulg): 0.31
    • Tamaño de rosca (pulg): 1/16-27 NPTF
    • Tamaño hexagonal (mm): 4
    • Tamaño hexagonal (pulg): 0.16
    forest products
    558 322C 548

    wheel-type loader
    988K 938H 972H 950K 962H 966H 966K 950H 962K 972K 988K XE

    material handler
    M325D MH M325D L MH

    wheeled excavator
    M325C MH

    engine - generator set

    320D2 L 329D L 312D 321B 336F LN 320F L 340F L UHD 320E E120B 326F 320B FM LL 320C 314E LCR 330D2 L 313D2 GC 314D CR 319D L 336E LH 323D L 320D FM 329E 329E L 336F L 316E L 320D 323D 320D LRR 325D 320E LRR 314D LCR 316F L 330F 320D L 320 GC 324E L 336F L XE 313D2 312D2 GC 323D S 322B L 312D2 320E L 320B LU 320B L 322C 322C FM 538 325C 330D2 330B LN 320E RR 320D2 323D SA 340F 329D EL200B 324D L 323D LN 318F L 323D2 L 325D L 318D2 L 321D LCR 324E LN 320D2 FM E180 330B L 336F 323F 323F SA 330F L 314C 315D L 323 326D2 L 311D LRR 313F 313D 336F LN XE 320B 312D2 L 320 311F LRR 318D2 320C FM EL240B 326D2 330F LN 324D FM LL 325D MH 325F 326F L 320B N 336D L E200B 315C 323E LN E240B 330F OEM 325B L 328D LCR E240C 325B EL240 318C 336F LNXE 312C L 312C 320D GC 329E LN M325D MH 324D FM 324D 329D2 L 325C L 320D LN M325D L MH 320B U 312D L 321C 320D2 GC 319D LN 322B LN 336F XE 324D LN 320D RR 336E H 313D2 LGP 336D2 L XE 318E L 314E CR 312F GC 329D2 322B 323F OEM 326D L 336D2 XE 312E EL180 313F L 311C 323D2 323E L 320E LN 330B 318B N E240 312E L 330FMHPU 319D 323F LN 323F L 336FMHPU 325C FM 329D LN EL240C 329F L 313F LGC 320B LL 325F LCR 318B 324E 314F CR 320D FM RR 336D2 LXE E140 335F LCR 336E LNH 325D FM 326F LN 325D FM LL 318D L 320C L 325B LN 323E SA 315F LCR 312F 558 319C 340F L LRE 320B S

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT38H IT62H

    engine - industrial

    marine products
    THREE60 PC C8.7 CT220-600

    wheel tractor-scraper
    631K 637K

    mini hydraulic excavator
    308E CR 305E 308E 307D 304C CR 305D CR 308D 307C 308C 308E SR

    oem solutions