1A-8537: Pernos de cabeza hexagonal, con revestimiento de fosfato y aceite
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    1A-8537: Bolt

    Número de pieza: 1A-8537
    Marca: Cat
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    Hex Head Bolt

    Cat® fastener parts are designed for specific applications based on size, strength, clamp load, and past performance. This is information other manufacturers do not have. They are selected to last until rebuild or the life of the machine. While it may seem as though non-Cat hardware and fasteners are suitable for your machine, no other company knows your equipment like we do.
    Hex head bolts/screws offer the most robust driving feature.

    •Cat fasteners are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity
    •Strength & Quality – Fasteners meet or exceed ISO, ASTM, ASME & SAE requirements.
    •Cat bolts, nuts, and washers are designed to work together as a system for maximum clamping force.
    •Coatings that meet special requirements for different applications (RoHS compliant).

    Cat bolts and the matching hardened washers and nuts form a performance based system which produces consistently high clamp loads. You can trust Cat Fasteners to help you build it, maintain it, or fix it - for most machine and workshop applications throughout the world.

    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Acabado: Recubrimiento de fosfato y aceite
    • Altura de la cabeza: 4 (pulg): 0,48
    • Ancho de la cabeza: 5 (pulg): 0,94
    • Característica de traba: 0
    • Descripción del material: ASTM F2882 (1170 Mpa / 170 ksi Tensile)
    • Longitud de asa: 2 (pulg): 1,25
    • Longitud total del perno: 3 (pulg): 2 3/4
    • Notas acerca del templado: perno de alta resistencia
    • Paso de rosca del orificio: 11
    • Pendiente: 11.9
    • Recubrimiento: Phosphate & Oil
    • Rosca: Rosca gruesa UNC
    • Tamaño de rosca (pulg: TPI) (pulg): 5/8 - 11
    • Tamaño del perno (pulg): 5/8
    • Tipo de perno: Pernos de cabeza hexagonal
    G3512H, G3512, D398B, 3512, G3516, 3516B, 3508B, G3520C, G3508, 3516, D399, 3516C, G3516H, G3520E, 3512B, 3516BHD, G3520, 3516CHD, 3512BHD, PM3516, G3516C, 3512H

    wheel-type loader
    950B, 966D, 950E, 950, 950F II 966C, 966E, 936E, 930, G936, 980B, 966M XE 993K, 992K, 980F, 990K, 920, 988B, 966F II 936, 990 II 950B/950E 992, 972M, 966M, 970F, 980C, 988, 966F, 994K, 992B, 980F II 962M, 992C, 994, 966K

    65, 65B

    816F, 815K, 815F, 816K, 836, 815FII, 815KLRC

    engine - generator set
    3606, 3612, 3608, 3616, 3516B, 3412C, XQG135 3516, 3304B, G3516H, 3512, 3408, 3408C, 3508, 3512B, 3412, 3306, G3512, G3520C, 3306B, G3516, 3508B, G3516B, PM3508 CG137-12, 3516C, 3304, 3508C, G3516E, 3408B, C32, G3412C, G3520H, C280-16, G3520E, G3516C, G3412, D379B, G3520B, G3306B, PMG3516 XQG400

    wheel-type skidder
    518, 528, 120C, FB518

    track type tractors

    wheel tractor scrapers
    621G, 613B, 637, 621F, 623G, 621B, 666B, 613G, 666, 623F, 631G, 657E, 637E, 660B, 637G, 651E, 627F, 627E, 623B, 627G, 627EPP, 631EII, 633E, 623E, 627BPP

    off-highway truck
    769B, 776, 777, 769, 768B

    engine - machine

    wheel dozers
    814F, 844K, 854K, 814K, 844, 844H, 844KLRC, 854KLRC

    engine - industrial
    3412, 3408, 3304, 3516C, G398 3512, 3512E, G3508, 3412C, 3516, G3512, G3612, D379B, 3512B, D353E, G3508J D342C, G3520B, G3512B, G3606, 3516B, D398B, D353C, G379A, G3606B G3508B, D379 3508, D343 3304B, D399, G3516, G3412, D353D G353D, D398 G3608, SG137-08 D320A, CG137-08 G3516J, G379 G399, 3406, 3408B, 3512C, D349, D342, 3408C, G3408C, 3508C, G3520J 3508B, CG137-12, G3616, D348

    track-type loader
    951B, 973, 963, 977K, 977 941, 951C, 951, 941B, 955L, 943, 977H, 983, 983B, 939C, 953, 977A 977L, 955K, 955C, 955H, 939, 955 977D

    articulated dump truck
    D30C, D35C, D250D, D350C, D550B, D30D, D20D, D25C, D25D, D400, D35HP

    motor grader
    14E, 12F, 130G, 140G, 12G, 120H ES 14M-3 12H ES 120G, 16G, 140K 2 140H NA 120, 12M 3 12K, 140B, 12M 3 AWD 14G, 140M 3 140, 120B, 12H NA 163H NA 140K, 160H NA 160G, 160K, 140H ES 160H, 160M 3 AWD 120H NA 14H NA 12E, 163H, 160M 3 140M 3 AWD 135H NA

    articulated trucks
    D44B, D400D, D250E, D300E, D350E, D400E, D350D, D40D

    motor graders
    14H, 12H, 160H, 140H, 14M3, 143H, 12G, 120G, 16G, 140G, 12M3, 120HNA, 12HNA, 140HNA, 163H, 160HNA, 135HNA, 12M3AWD, 140M3AWD, 140M3, 160M3

    paving compactor
    CS-653, CS-643, CP-653, CP-643

    underground articulated truck
    AD40 AE40

    225, 235, 245, 225B, 229, 215, 229D, 215B, 231D, 235C, 235B

    vees 27 to 32 liter
    3412E, G3408, 3412, D353, 3412C, 3408A, G3412

    wheel tractor-scraper
    637, 631E, 621R, 627E, 657, 637E, 627B, 627F, 633C, 613, 637G, 621E, 637D, 633E, 621, 639D, 657B, 621B, 623F, 641B, 613C, 666B, 631D, 651, 666, 623G, 650B 621G, 633E II 613G, 631C, 631G, 621F, 613C II 623E, 627G, 651B, 627, 621S, 657E, 641, 623

    earthmoving compactor
    815, 816F II 825 816, 825C, 815K, 826C, 816K, 825B, 826B, 815F II 816F, 816B

    SR4, SR4B, SR500

    off highway trucks

    engine - truck
    3116, 3406

    petroleum products
    3516C, 3516B, 3512C, 3512B, 3512, 3512E, 3508C, 3516

    backhoe loaders
    436B, 438II, 436II



    work tool

    cold planer
    PR-750B, PM-565, PM-201

    forest products
    227 539, FB221

    wheel loaders
    980M, 992C, 990H, 960F, 966M, 992K, 950M, 950K, 970F, 972M, 993K, 936E, 962K, 950B, 972K, 980F, 966E, 966F, 966C, 990, G936, 980K, 990K, 988F, 980C, 950E, 962M, 950F, 966R, 992D, 990KLRC, 966FII, 994KLRC, 950FII, 992KLRC, 993KLRC, 980FII, 966MXE

    594H, 571G

    track-type skidder
    120C, 125C

    cold planers

    wheel dozer
    824C, 834S 8A4K 834U 824, 854K, 814, 844K, 814F, 814B, 814F II 834, 834B, 824B, 824S 844

    track loaders
    977L, 951B, 973, 953, 973LGP, 963LGP, 955L

    572G, 594H, 571G, 594

    track-type tractor
    D9G, D6D, 143 D5, D4E, D6C, 6A 10 D7G, 9S D4D, D10T2, 183B 184 D6E 140, 6S 173B 9U 59 D5B, D9R, 58 D7G2 55, D7F, 193 119 59L 8S D5H, D6G2 XL D9H, 9 5S 9C 153 59N 4 D6E SR D4H, D9N, 163 D6D SR 141 D4E SR 10U 6 9SU 10C D6G2 LGP D8K, 5A D10T, D4H III D4H XL D5C III D9E, 118 D6F SR 54 4A D10, 10S 58L D6G SR 5 8D

    track excavators
    225B, 235C, 225D, 229, 219, 219D, 235B, 235D, 225DLC, 215BSA