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    8H-9789: Bearing

    Número de pieza: 8H-9789
    Marca: Cat
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    Cat® Ball Bearing

    Cat bearings are designed for specific applications based on load, operating speed, temperature range, size, and past performance. Cat bearings are manufactured to the highest quality standards for long life and performance. Cat radial ball bearings are designed to accommodate loads that are primarily perpendicular to the shaft.

    Single row radial ball bearing

    Cat ball bearings are typically used in transmissions, drive train systems, pulley assemblies, motors and pumps; anywhere performance relies on smooth shaft rotation at high operating speeds and temperatures.

    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

    ¿Busca una opción de piezas Yellowmark™?

    Con las piezas Yellowmark™, se ofrece una alternativa de reparación de nivel intermedio con la que se proporciona la misma forma, el mismo ajuste y la misma función de las piezas Cat® originales.
    Marca: Yellowmark
    Cojinete de bolas Classic
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Altura (pulg): 0.67
    • Diámetro exterior (pulg): 2.84
    • Diámetro interno (pulg): 1.38
    wheel-type loader
    966C, 950E, G916, 930T, 966E, 970F, 982M, 972G, 950, 930R, 926, 930, 966F II 936E, 980M, 980F, 966F, 950B/950E 936, 966G II 950B, 966D, 966H, G926, 972G II 980C, G936, 924G, 972H, 920, 988B, 994, 916, 980K HLG 966G, 926E, 966R, 936F, 980L, 980B, 980F II 980K, 994D, 960F, 994F

    95E, MTC855, 65C, 65, MT835, MT865, 65B, 65D, 75E, 85E, 70C, 65E, MTC845, MT855, 85D, MTC835, 75D, MT845, MTC865

    engine - generator set
    C18, C32, 3406C, G3412, 3304B, 3306B, 3408B, 3412C, 3408, XQG135 3406B, C15, G3306, 3512C, 3406E, 3412, C27, 3456, G3406, 3304, C13, 3408C, 3306, PM3456 G3412C, 3406, PM3412 3516E, 3516C, G3306B, C13 XQ375 3508, XQ425, D379B, C-12, C13 XQ350 3516, C13GENSET

    wheel-type skidder
    528, 120C, 518, FB518 515, 518C, 525, 545, 530B, 528B

    off-highway truck
    773E, 771D, MT4400D AC 789D, 773B, 775E, 769D, 785C, 785D, 785B, 775D, 777D, 793C, 769C, 784C, 773, 772, 776B, 773D, 777, 771C, 793B, 777G, 784B, 775B, 776D, 772B, 768C, 777F, 775F, 789, 777C, 773F, 776C, 777E, 785, 776, 69D, 793, 789C, 777B

    engine - machine
    3306, C-12, 3304, 3176C

    track-type loader
    931C, 973, 953, 955L, 977H, 977K, 943, 941, 951B, 955K, 951C, 963, 941B, 955H, 983B, 931B, 951, 931, 935B, 931C II 977L, 955 963C, 977 935C, 973C, 977A 935C II

    engine - industrial
    3306, 3208, C-12, 3412, 3408, 3204, 3406B, 3304, 3512, 3406, 3408E, D330C, D349, 3508, C18, C13, D333C, HT400 3406C, G3306, 3516, D353E, 3516C, 3412E, G342C, 3306B, C15, C27, D353C, 3304B, 3406E, 3412C, G333C, C-16, G3406, 3508B, C32, 3456, G3408, C11, D320A, 3176C, 3408B, D379 D343 D379B, G379 3196, C-10, SUF557 G379A, G3412, G3304, C-15, 3516B, G3304B, D348, D342C, 3512B, D353D 3408C, G3306B, SBF214 CPT372

    articulated dump truck
    D300E II 730, 735, D300D, 730C, D300B, D250E II 725, 725C2, D25C, 725C, D25D, D400E, D350D, D250B, D44B, 730C2, D400E II D350E, D30D, D400D, D350C, D350E II 730C2 EJ D40D, D550B, D300E, D250E, D30C, D35C

    vibratory double drum asphalt

    road reclaimer
    SS-250, RR-250, SS-250B, RM-350, SM-350, RM-300, RM-250C, RM-350B, RR-250B

    motor grader
    14E, 120B, 12E, 12F, 140G, 120G, 12G, 16G, 140B, 18M3, 140, 16H NA 130G, 160H, 140H, 14M-3 14H, 14G, 120, 143H, 14M3, 14M, 16H, 160G, 16M3, 163H, 14H NA

    wheeled excavator
    M315, M318, M320, M322C, M318C, M315C, W345B II W330B W345C MH M318C MH M316C

    motor graders
    18M3, 16M

    paving compactor
    CS-531, CS-563C CS-433B, CP-653, CP-533, CP-44 CS-533C, CS-433C, CP-323C, CB10, CS-44 CS-433E, CP-563, CB-54B CP-433C, CS-563 CP-34 CS-531C, PS-300C, CP-563C, PS-500, CS-423E, CS-431C, CS-653, CS-583, CP-533C, CS-323C, CB-534, CP-433E, CS-643, CB-434, CB-44B CD-54B CS-533, CS-34 CP-643, PF-300C, CP-433B, CD10

    underground articulated truck
    AE40 II AD40 AD45, AE40 AD22

    235D, 330 L 345D L VG 352F XE VG E300, 215C 349D L 352FMHPU 225, 245, 349D2 L 345B, 365B, 345D L 235, 235C, 350-A 330-A L 350 L 345C L E240, 345B II 245B, 349D2, 215, 330B L 345C, 352F-VG 365B L 349E L VG 349F L 330-A 225D, 215B, 349E L 345C MH 345B L 349E, 235B, 215D, 350-A L 330B, 349D

    wheel tractor-scraper
    627B, 615C II 637D, 627K LRC 623K LRC 657E, 613C, 621H, 637E, 623E, 621E, 623F, 621R, 637, 615, 627, 627F, 627H, 637G, 627E, 639D, 633D, 623H, 623B, 621B, 627K, 611, 613B, 637B 627G, 615C, 621, 621K, 631D, 621K OEM 651E

    earthmoving compactor
    826C, 836, 816, 815F, 825C, 816B, 815, 815B, 825 816F

    SR4, SR500

    off highway trucks

    petroleum products
    C18, TH31-E61 TH31-C9P C27, CX31-P600 TH35-E81 C15, CX31-C13I CX35-P800 TH31-C9T CX31-C15I C11, G3306B, TH31-C9I C32, C-15, CX31-C11I TH35-C13I C13, TH48-E70 TH35-C15T TH35-C15I TH35-C11I TH35-C13T

    engine - truck
    1673C 3306C, 3406B, C-10, 3408B, 1673B, C-12, 3406C, 1673, C11, C13, 3306, 3208, 3406E, 1693, C15, 3406, 1676 3408, 3176B, 3176, C-15, 3306B, C-16, 1674, C18, C16 C-18

    cold planer
    PR-1000C PM-565, PM-565B, PR-450, PR-1000, PR-450C, PM-465

    forest products
    TK1051, 345C, 554

    wheel loaders

    track-type skidder
    D4HTSK III 527 D5HTSK II 517 125C 120C

    wheel dozer
    814, 814F, 824C, 824S 824, 834B, 834S 834U 814B

    skid steer loader
    297D2, 287D, 287B, 277C2, 297D, 297D XHP 277D, 277C, 297C, 297D2 XHP 267B, 287C, 277B, 287C2

    asphalt paver
    AP-300D AP-655D, BG-230D, AP-655C, BG-260D, AP300F, AP-800C, BG1055E, AP-1000E AP-1055D, BG-225C, BG-240C, AP-1000D, AP-555E BG-230, AP-800, BG-245C, BG-2255C, BG1000E, AP-600D, AP355F, BG-225B, AP-1200, BG-2455C, BG-210B, BG655D, BG-260C, BG-2455D, AP-1055B, AP-800B AP-1000, AP-650B, AP-255E AP-1050, AP-1000B, AP-1055E AS3143, AP-800D, AP-200B, AP-1050B, BG600D, AP-500E, BG500E, AP-900B, BG555E

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT28, IT18B, IT28B, IT18

    571F, 571G, 561B, 583K, 561C, 572R II 561D, 572G, 572R, 572F, PL72, PL87

    track-type tractor
    D5B, 4P D6C, D4D, D7R II D8K, D3C, D7F, D7G, D5H, D6R, D3B, 56 143 6SU D6H, 153 5 141 D7H, D5, 140, D6G, D6D, 7SU 163 D8N, 56H 6A 6S 6 D4E, D7R, D6H II 3P D4C II D6H XR D4C, 4 D5C, 5S 7U D3C II 7S D4H XL 57 53 D3, D6E D5C PAT 7A 3 7S LGP D4E SR 183B 57H D6G2 XL D4B, 7 D6H XL 5A PAT D5E, D7G2 D5H XL D4H III D4H, 4A 55, D6F SR D6G2 LGP 5A D5C PATLGP 8S D6E SR D8H, D6D SR 8D 5P 4S 3S D6G SR

    expanded mining products
    MD5125, 6018, 6015 FS MD5150C, 6015

    oem solutions