8T-9393: Pernos de cabeza hexagonal con revestimiento de zinc
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    8T-9393: BOLT-HEX HEAD

    Número de pieza: 8T-9393
    Marca: Cat
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    Cat bolts and matching hardened washers and nuts form a matched system which produces consistently high clamp loads

    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Acabado: con placa de zinc
    • Altura de la cabeza: 4 (pulg): 0,48
    • Ancho de la cabeza: 5 (pulg): 0,94
    • Descripción del material: SAE J429 Grade 8 (ISO Class 10.9)
    • Longitud de asa: 2 (pulg): 0,19
    • Longitud total del perno: 3 (pulg): 1 1/2
    • Paso de rosca del orificio: 11
    • Pendiente: 8
    • Recubrimiento: Zinc-Flake (720 h Salt Spray)
    • Rosca: Rosca gruesa UNC
    • Tamaño de rosca (pulg: TPI) (pulg): 5/8 - 11
    • Tipo de perno: Pernos de cabeza hexagonal
    engineer support tractor
    DEUCE, 30/30

    wheel-type loader
    926E, 980H, 980C, 980G, 916, 966F, 980F, 936, 966F II 972G, 936F, 966G, 988B, 980F II 926, 986K, 990K, 966D, 950E, 980G II 936E, 970F, 993K, G926, 988F, 966E, 950B, 988F II 992C, 992D, G936

    75C, 85C, 85E, 65C, 65D, 75E, 65B, 65E, 70C, 85D, 65, 75, 75D, 95E

    engine - generator set
    C18, G3520C, 3516, 3516B, 3508B, 3412C, 3456, G3516E, 3306, 3304, 3512B, PM3508 G3512E, 3408, G3516C, 3512, 3508, G3306, 3516C, 3412, 3406C, G3512, 3306B, PM3516, 3512C, C13, C32, 3408C, 3408B, C15, G3520E, G3412, CG137-12, G3516B, 3304B, G3306B, C9, 3406B, C27, PM3412 3508C, PP3516

    wheel-type skidder
    530B, 120C, 518, 528, 515, 518C, 528B, FB518 525

    off-highway truck
    777E, 777G, 771D, 794 AC 775G LRC 785C, 793C, 777F, 775G OEM MT4400D AC 776C, 777D, 776B, 777C, 773E, 797F, 69D, 769D, 785D, 785, 769C, 789C, 771C, 789B, 777B, 773D, 776D, 768C, 775D, 784B, 789, 784C, 773G OEM 773G LRC 785B

    engine - industrial
    3406B, C-9, 3304, C-12, 3412, 3408, 3306, 3406E, 3512, 3412C, C-15, PR20B 3516, C15, G3516C, 3516B, SPF343 3126B, 3412E, C18, 3512C, 3508B, G3306, 3508, C9, C13, C-16, SPP101 3176B, SPT343 C11, 3406, G3516E, 3196, D330C, D333C, 3512B, 3456, 3176C, 3406C, 3408C, G3406, C9.3, 3408B, SPF743, 3306B, G3306B, C-10, SCT673

    track-type loader
    943, 939, 973C, 953K, 931C II 953, 953B, 963K, 933, 963C, 935C, 953C, 953D, 931C, 973, 963, 935B, 973D, 963B 933C, 935C II 931B, 931, 977 963D

    articulated dump truck
    730C2 EJ 740, D400E II D30D, D300E, D40D, D350E II 730, 730C, D20D, D300D, D350D, D25D, 730C2, D250E II 725, D400D, 735, D350E, 735 OEM D250E, D300E II D400E, D250D

    road reclaimer
    RM-350B, SS-250, RM500B, RM-350, RR-250, SS-250B, SM-350, RR-250B, RM-500, RM-250C

    motor grader
    12M, 24H, 163H, 120M, 135H, 143H, 160H, 12H, 14H, 16H, 140H, 120H

    material handler
    MH3049, MH3059

    wheeled excavator
    W330B M325C MH

    paving compactor
    PF-300B, PF-300C, PS-300B, PS-300C

    underground articulated truck
    AE40 II AD60, AD55, AD45B, AD45, AE40 AD30, AD55B, AD40

    245B, 219D, 330-A L 385C, 5110B 235, 330B, 235C, 350-A L 374D L 330C FM 215C 330 L 235D, 385C L 322B L 365C 245D, 350-A 330-A LN 385C FS 330-A 390D L 330B L 365C L 325C FM 350 L 235B, 330B LN 330-A L 385C L MH 231D

    wheel tractor-scraper
    637K, 637E, 631G, 657E, 627K, 657G, 627E, 651E, 627F, 621E, 621B, 621H, 637G, 623F, 651B, 627G, 623H, TS180, 631E, 621G, 623G, 623K LRC 627H, TS220, 621F, 623E, 621S, 615C, 621K, 627B, 631K, 633E II 623K, 611, 627K LRC 621K OEM

    earthmoving compactor
    825G, 815F, 815B, 825C, 825H, 826C, 825G II 816F II 836, 816F, 825 826G, 816B, 815F II 826G II 826H

    SR5, SR500

    petroleum products
    G3306B, C11, C18, TH35-C11I C9, 3516C, 3512C, CX31-P600 C15, 3512B, CX31-C13I 3512, 3516, TH31-E61 TH31-C9P TH35-C15I TH35-C13I CX31-C15I 3508B, C13, CX35-P800 3512E, CX31-C9I CX31-C11I TH35-E81 TH31-C9I 2016

    work tool
    PC6, PC9

    cold planer
    PM-465, PR-750B, PR-1000C PM-565B, PM-201, PR-450C, PM-565, PR-450, PR-1000

    forest products
    SAT318, SAT318T, SAT325T, SAT422DB SAT420, SAT323, SAT325

    track-type skidder
    54H 4P 527 D4HTSK III 517 D5HTSK II D4HTSK II 125C 120C

    wheel dozer
    814B, 824S 844K, 854G, 824H, 844H, 814F II 834B, 824C, 814F, 834U 824G, 844, 824G II 834S

    asphalt paver
    AP655F, AP-655D, BG-2455C, AP500F, AP-1055B, AP-1055F BG500E, AP-1000F AP655F L AP-1055D, AP555F, AP-800C, BG-2255C, BG-2455D, 8-16B, BG-230D, BG655D, 8 FT BG-225C, 10-20B, 10 FT BG-240C, BG555E, AP-900B, AP-555E AP-1000B, BG-260D, AP-1000E BG-210B, AP-800B BG-260C, BG-225B, AP-600D, AP600F, BG1055E, 10B AP-655C, AP-650B, AP-1000, AP-800D, BG-245C, AP-500E, BG600D, BG1000E, AP-1050B, AP-800, AP-1000D, AP-1055E 10-20WB BG-230

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT28B, IT28, IT18B

    561M, 587R, PL61, PL87, PL83, 583T, 578, 561N, 589, 572R II 572R, 583R, PL72, 587T, 561H

    track-type tractor
    8 6A D7H, D6R, 9 D9R, D6H, D6H XR D6R II D7R LGP D3C, 7U D4G, 9SU D6D, D11R, D4H, 9U 6SU D3C III 8A 4P D6E 6S D11T, D4B, 10SU 7S D6G, D6R III D8N, D7R, 6 8U D6H II D7R II 7SU D10R, 5A PAT 57H 59L D10T, D6D SR D4C III 58L 4S D6G2 LGP 11U 56H 56 D7G2 D8R D6H XL 54 D7R XR D5C PAT D8L, D4C, D3C II 59 D3G, D6E SR D4H XL D9N, D5C PATLGP 4 8SU 10U D6F SR 3 D6G2 XL D11N, 59N 10 D5C, D6G SR 153 7 11 11SU D7G, D3, 163 D10N, D4H III 7S LGP 53 5 D3B, D5C III D4C II D8R II 57 4A 58 D6N, D9T, 55, 7A

    oem solutions
    777G, CAT WDS