8T-9396: Pernos de cabeza hexagonal con revestimiento de zinc
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    8T-9396: Hex Head Bolts, Zinc Plated

    Número de pieza: 8T-9396
    Marca: Cat
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    Cat bolts and matching hardened washers and nuts form a matched system which produces consistently high clamp loads

    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Acabado: con placa de zinc
    • Altura de la cabeza: 4 (pulg): 0,48
    • Ancho de la cabeza: 5 (pulg): 0,94
    • Longitud de asa: 2 (pulg): 1,75
    • Longitud total del perno: 3 (pulg): 3 1/4
    • Rosca: Rosca gruesa UNC
    • Tamaño de rosca (pulg: TPI) (pulg): 5/8 - 11
    • Tipo de perno: Pernos de cabeza hexagonal
    G3508, G3516, 3512, 3516, G3512E, 3516B, G3516B, 3508B, 3508

    underground mining loaders

    wheel-type loader
    992K, 992C, 992D

    engine - generator set
    C18, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, G3516B, 3412C, G3508, 3406B, 3512, G3512, PM3412 3508, C27, G3516, 3412, 3508B, PMG3516 PM3512 3516C, 3408B, PP3516 CG137-12, G3512E, 3408C, 3508C, PM3516, XQG135 3408, PM3508

    wheel-type skidder
    518, 508, FB518 120C

    off-highway truck
    789D, 794 AC

    7 to 9 liter

    engine - industrial
    3508, 3512, CPT372 3512C, G3408, G3516, G3512E, 3516, G3508, G3512, G3412, 3508B, C9.3B

    track-type loader
    953, 943

    articulated dump truck
    D250E, D30D, D350E, D350D, D400E, D40D, D25D, D400D, D300E

    mini hydraulic excavator

    road reclaimer
    SS-250B, RM-350, SM-350, RM-250C, RM-350B, RR-250B, RR-250, SS-250

    paving compactor
    CS-643, CP-643, CS-653, CP-653

    underground articulated trucks

    underground articulated truck
    AD45, AD40 AD30, AE40 II AE40

    235C, 245B, 215C 235, 231D, 225D, 219, 235D, 215D, 235B

    wheel tractor-scraper
    657E, 621G, 657G, 627G, 623G, 651E, 637G, 631G

    SR4, SR4B, SRB693

    off highway trucks

    petroleum products
    3512E, 3516, 3516C, 3512, 3508C, 3512B, 3512C, CX31-C15I 3516B, TH48-E80 CX31-P600 C18

    work tool
    SR321, SR18, PR172, SR318, PR184, PR190, SR17, SR21

    forest products
    SAT323, SAT322TSC, SAT323TSC, SAT323T, SAT318TSC SAT322, SAT318, SAT322T, SAT318T

    track-type skidder
    120C, 125C

    wheel dozer

    asphalt paver
    BG-230, BG-225C, BG-245C, BG-260C, AP-1055B, BG-210B, BG-225B, AP-1050, AP-1000B, AP-650B, AP-900B, BG-230D, AP-1050B, AP-1000, BG-240C, BG-2455C, AP-800C, AP-800D

    589, PL87, 587R, PL83, 583R, 578, 587T, 583T

    track-type tractor
    D6H XL D8R D6R II D6H XR D6R, 8SU D7H, D6H, D7R, 7 D6H II D6G2 XL D8N, 6S 59 6 D10N, D11R, 56 6A 59N 8 D7R II D10R, D8R II 56H 7U D6G2 LGP 7SU 57H 6SU 59L 7S LGP 7S 8U D10T, 10U 8A D7G, 10 10SU 7A 58L D6G