9X-2201: Belleville
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    9X-2201: Belleville

    Número de pieza: 9X-2201
    Marca: Cat
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    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Diámetro de trabajo (pulg): 3 6/8 - 4 5/8
    • Tipo de abrazadera de manguera: Belleville

    wheel tractor-scraper
    631D, 613C, 657E, 651E, 637D, 639D, 613C II

    underground articulated truck
    AD55B, AD22 AD60, AD55, AD30, AD45B

    engine - generator set
    C18 3616 3612 3456 C13 C15 C7.1DE200E C13GENSET 3306B C32 C7.1 3412C DG150 C27 C9 C9 GEN SET DG50 PM3456 3406E DG125 C7.1DE150E C6.6DE150E DG60 DG80 C9.3 DG100 C15 I6 C18 I6

    forest products
    2470C, 2384D SAT323 563C, 548 SAT318 553C, 559C, 2864C, 2384C, 573C, 2484C, 322C, 2670C, 558 345C, 2484D 559D 2570C, 586C, 579C, 579D, TK1051

    expanded mining products

    off-highway truck
    775F, 793F, 777E 784B, 785D, 775G, 776C, 793D, 772G, 773G, 777D, 777G, 789C, 769D, 773G OEM 789B, 773E, 773G LRC 777, 784C, 785C, 793C, 797, 785B, 777C, 776D, 775G OEM 777F, 797F, 797B, 789D, 771D, 773F, 775G LRC 777B

    oem solutions

    cold planer
    PM310 PM313 PM-200, PM312 PM-201

    track-type tractor
    D6H, D6R, 7U D6H II D6T XL D6G2 XL 57H D6T, D10N, 7S D7H, D6T LGP D11T, D11R, D6T XL PAT 6S D6T XW D6G2 LGP 6A D6H XR D7E, D10T2, D6N 6 D10R, 7SU D9R, D6T XW PAT D6H XL D6T LGPPAT 56H 7 D10T, 6SU D5R2 7S LGP 7A

    petroleum products
    C32 CX31-P600 C15 CX31-C13I TH35-C13I CX38-P892 TH35-E81 C18 TH35-C11I TH31-E61 C27 TH48-E80 TH48-E70 CX38-P800 TH35-C15I C11 CX31-C9I CX35-P800 CX31-C15I C13 TH31-C9T CX31-C18I TH35-C15T TH35-C13T CX31-C11I TH31-C9I CX35-C18I

    track-type loader
    973C, 953C, 963B 953K 963K

    track-type skidder
    527 517

    paving compactor
    CB-534D, CD-54 PS-360C, CS-79B CS74B, CS44B, CP-433E, CS-76 CP-56 CS-56 CP56B, CS68B, CP74B, CP-74B CP-64 CS78B, CS-423E, CP-56B CS-34 CB-564D, CS-74 CS-64 CS-56B CP-74 CP-76 CS56B, CS-68B CP44B, PS-300C, CCS7 CS79B, PF-300C, CS-78B CS-433E, CW-14 CP76B, CP-34 CP-68B CS-74B CB-434D, CP-44B CS-44B CP68B

    motor grader
    24 120M, 24M, 12M

    wheel-type loader
    904B, 994, 910G, 950G II 980H, 928HZ, 962G, 962G II 994K 950G, 950B, 966G II 988F II 960F, 924H, 950F II 980G II 924HZ, 966D, 966F, 980G, 938G II 950B/950E 986K 988F, 928H, 994D, 986H, 970F, 924G, 950E, 950F, 972G II 924GZ, 930H, 966E, 938F, 993K, 966F II

    engine - industrial
    C-12 C-9 C7 C15 3456 C-16 G3612 SUF557 C13 3196 C27 3516C SBF214 C18 C32 3406E C9 C-15 C9.3B 3176C DG60 C11 C9.3 3176B G3616 PR20B CPT372 C-10

    articulated dump truck
    745 740, 735, D350E II 735B, 730, 725, 740 GC 730C2 EJ 745C, 740B, 730C, 735C, 730C2, D400E II 725C, 740C 735 OEM 725C2

    engine - truck

    35, 45, 75C, 65E, 75E, 85C, 75D, 85E, 55, 95E, 85D, 75

    material handler
    MH3024, MH3037, MH3022, M325D MH MH3295 MH3026 M325D L MH

    asphalt paver
    AP-1000E AP655F, AP600F, BG-230D, AP655F L AP-1055F AP-1000F AP-1055E BG-225C BG1055E, BG1000E, AP-800D, AP-650B

    SR5 SR4B SR4

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT62G, IT38F, IT38G II IT62G II

    wheeled excavator
    M322D2, M316D, M316C, M313D, M318F, M318C, M315C, M318D MH M318C MH W345B II M324D2 MH M315D2, M314F, M322C, M315D, M317D2, M320F, M325B M322F, M313C, W345C MH M325C MH M322D, M320D2, M318D, M323F M322D MH M322D2 MH M316F

    wheel dozer
    8A4K 814K

    390F 329D2, 323D2 330C FM 320C, 312C L 345B L 323D2 L 330, 330D2 345C L 320E, 323F 325C, 326D2, 313D2, 329D L 345C, 349D2 L 313D, 538 345B II 325C L 320C FM 318F L 336 320D L 225D, 329E, 320E L M315F 325F 320D2 L 324E, 345B, 323D LN 365B II 322C, 320 GC 318D2 345D L 365B L 325C FM 329D, 329D2 L 350-A 320D RR 319C 320C L 320D2, 312C, 324D FM LL 349D L 323D L 312D L 5110B 320, 330D L 318D2 L 324D L 330F 324D LN 318C, 323F LN 320D2 GC 328D LCR 323F SA M325D MH 320D FM 315C, 349D2, 323E SA 325D FM LL 390F L 322B L 345C MH 350 L 326D2 L 330F L 322C FM 374F L 312D2 L 320D LRR M317F 350-A L 323 330C L 330C, 325D L 345D L VG 325D, 312D, 330D2 L 325B L 335F LCR 340 320D, 330C LN 313D2 LGP 320B N 320D LN 314C 345 GC 345D, 320E LRR 320B L 324D FM 336 GC 5230, 329E L 325D MH 312D2, 245D, 316E L 321D LCR 320F L 320B, 311D LRR 229, 330F OEM 330FMHPU 330 GC M325D L MH 323F OEM 316F L 323F L 329F L 225B, 325D FM 324D, 314D CR 313D2 GC

    earthmoving compactor
    815K, 816K