7C-2743: Pista: cojinete de aguja
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    7C-2743: Race-Needle Bearing

    Número de pieza: 7C-2743
    Marca: Cat
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    Cat® Race-Needle Thrust Bearing (Race Only)

    Cat thrust races are designed to provide axial location to thrust needle roller and cage assemblies in support of large axial loads and high rotational speeds.

    • High axial load capacity.
    • Supports high rotational speeds.
    • Requires minimal mounting space.
    • Hardened for added toughness.
    • Easy to install.

    Thrust races are used with thrust needle roller and cage assemblies and are designed to support high axial loads and rotational speeds. Typical applications for thrust races are wherever they are needed to axially locate thrust needle roller and cage assemblies, such as in transmission assemblies.

    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Altura (pulg): 0.1
    • Diámetro exterior (pulg): 1.02
    • Diámetro interno (pulg): 0.48
    35, 45, 55

    wheel-type loader
    924F, 950G, 960F, 938F, 938G, 962G, 910F, 928G, 918F, 928F, 910E, 950F II 950F

    engine - generator set
    3114, 3116

    engine - truck
    3116, 3114

    wheel-type skidder
    535B, 525B

    engine - machine

    engine - industrial
    3116, 3114, 3126

    track-type loader
    953B, 963B 963C, 953C

    articulated dump truck
    D20D, D250D

    RT80, RT100

    motor grader
    120H, 120H ES 120H NA 135H, 135H NA

    forest products
    550, 543, 539, TK371, TK380, TK381, 533, 570, 580, TK370, 574

    wheeled excavator
    M320, M318, M325B

    paving compactor
    CP-563C, CS-563D CS-563 CS-531D, CS-583D, CB-634, CS-531C, CS-533D, CS-573D, CP-563D, CS-573C, CS-583, CP-533, CP-563, CS-563C CB-634D, CP-533D, CS-531, CP-533C, CB-434, CS-533, CS-583C, CS-573, CS-533C, CB-634C

    asphalt paver
    AP-1000B, BG-260C, BG-245C, AP-900B, AP-1050B, AP-1050, AP-1000, BG-2455C, AP-1055B, BG-240C

    325-A 322C, 322B, 224B, 322B L 322N, 325-A L 322-A 325 LN 325 L 325B L 213B 214B, 320-A N 320-A EL240B 320B L 322C FM E240B, 325-A FM L E200B, 320B, 322-A N 322-A L EL200B 320N, E240C, E110B

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT14B, IT62G, IT24F, IT18F, IT28F, IT38G, IT12B, IT28G, IT14F, IT38F


    wheel tractor-scraper
    613C II 613C

    track-type tractor
    D6M D5M