177-6920: MANGUERA
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    177-6920: HOSE

    Número de pieza: 177-6920
    Marca: Cat
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    Turbocharger Wastegate Hose


    • Wastegate hoses are an important component of turbochargers, which enhance engine efficiency and capacity by forcing more air, and proportionately more fuel, into the combustion chamber


    • Cat® turbocharger components reduce owning and operating costs by increased service interval timing, improved altitude and turndown capability and improved uptime

    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including 1,3-Butadiene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Altura (pulg): 0,5
    • Longitud (pulg): 12
    wheel-type loader
    950F II 962G, 938G, 950G, 960F

    forest products
    TK371, 322C, TK380, TK370, 580B, 543, 533, 570B

    MTC745, MT755, MT765, MTC765, MTC735, MT745, MTC755, MT735

    wheeled excavator
    M325C MH

    engine - truck
    3126E, 3126B, 3126, C7

    wheel-type skidder
    525B, 535B

    asphalt paver
    AP-1000D, AP-1055D, BG-260D, BG-2455D

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT38G, IT62G

    325C L 325D FM 325C FM 325D L 322C, 328D LCR 324D LN 322C FM 325C, 324D L 325D, 324D, M325D L MH 325D FM LL 325D MH

    engine - industrial
    C-9, 3126B, C7, SPP101