039-4317: Resorte
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    039-4317: Spring

    Número de pieza: 039-4317
    Marca: Cat
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    Cat® spring parts come in a variety of strengths and sizes to fit specific applications. Our springs are engineered to provide the best performance in a variety of applications, offering optimal rate and load at assembly. With in-house testing and performance history tracking for use in specific applications, you can count on Cat springs for consistent assembly loads, resulting in superior reliability and functionality in your machine. Cat springs are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, and productivity for the lifetime of your machine. You can trust Cat Springs to help you build it, maintain it, or fix it. No other company knows your equipment like we do — trust in Cat.
    • Springs meet or exceed current standards and material grades.
    • RoHS compliant
    • Performance-based
    • Machine and workshop applications

    Advertencia: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Descripción del material: Acero
    • Notas: Altura de conjunto: 2,46; carga a la longitud del conjunto: 254; altura libre: 5; longitud sólida:
    • Recubrimiento: fosfato/aceite

    wheel-type loader
    994F 994D 994

    engine - generator set
    3512B 3508 3516B 3512 3516 3412 3512C G3516B G3516 3508B 3516C G3512 3412C 3508C G3508 G3520B D398B D399 C32 3608 D379B

    petroleum products
    3512C TH48-E70 3516 3508C 3516C C32 TH48-E80 3512 CX48-P2300 3512B 3516B 3508B CX35-P800

    off-highway truck
    785C 777D 785D 793 785 793C 789 777C 797 785B 789B 789C 776B 793D 776C 776D 777B 797B 784C 784B 793B

    5230 5230B

    engine - industrial
    3412 D398 G3512 G3508 3508 G379 G3516 3516 3512 G3616 3512C 3508B C27 G3516B G3508B G399 3412E D399 D379 SPS342 D398B G3608 3412C 3512B SPS343 G3612 G3520B G3606 D379B G398 3516B G379A 3516C G3606B C32 SR4

    marine products
    3608 3616 C280-8 3512 3516C 3512C 3516B D398B 3516 3508B 3508 3512B D379B 3412E C280-6 C32 D399 C280-12 3412C D398A 3412 3508C C280-16 D379A 3612 3412D 3618 3606

    oem solutions