3T-5760: Batería húmeda 31 BCI de 12 V
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    3T-5760: 12V 31 BCI Wet Battery

    Número de pieza: 3T-5760
    Marca: Cat
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    12-Volt 31 BCI Premium High Output Maintenance-Free Accessible Wet Battery

    Engineered to withstand the toughest environments, the 12-volt maintenance-free Premium High Output wet battery has a vibration resistant design complete with forged terminals that prevent corrosion. A 100-hour vibration test ensures that our batteries will last five times longer than other brands. The reinforced casing provides unmatched protection, while flame-arrestor safety vents prevent accidental sparking from entering the battery.
    This battery features a silver calcium alloy grid design and is equipped with accessible, removable caps making it easy to check and maintain electrolyte levels and measure specific gravity readings. Access to maintain electrolyte fluid levels is important for maximizing the service life of the battery.
    This battery offers 750 cold cranking amps, 165 reserve capacity minutes and 100/95 amp hour capacity, making it especially ideal for starting applications in cold climates. It also features a calcium lead alloy grid design and has SAE posts.
    Cat batteries are held to a higher standard than the competitors with over 100 different performance tests to ensure the delivery of unmatched power. Our Premium High Output batteries last three times longer than conventional batteries and can be quickly recharged, reducing downtime and allowing for quick restarts.
    ? 12V Premium High Output maintenance-free accessible wet battery
    ? 750 cold cranking amps
    ? 165 reserve capacity minutes
    ? 95/100 amp hour capacity
    ? 31 BCI group size

    ? High-temperature automotive
    ? Machine
    ? On-highway truck and bus

    Advertencia: Cancer and reporductive harm. www.P65warnings.ca.gov or PROPOSITION 65 Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Batteries also contain other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. WASH HANDS AFTER HANDLING.
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Amperios de arranque en frío (CCA): 750
    • Aplicación: Inicio
    • Capacidad de amperios/h a 20 h: 100
    • Capacidad de reserva (min): 165
    • Longitud (pulg): 13,00
    • Peso: húmedo (lb): 55
    • Specials: R120~Bargain List
    • Tamaño de grupo: 30H, 31
    • Terminal: Bornes SAE
    • Tipo de batería: Húmedo
    • Tipo de equipo: INDUSTRIAL, CAMIÓN, AGRÍCOLA
    • Tipo de mantenimiento: Libre de mantenimiento
    • Tipo de rejilla: Diseño de rejilla de aleación de calcio y plomo
    • Voltaje (voltios): 12
    wheel-type loader
    950F 938F 950E 908 936E 928F 950G 938G 980G 926E 988B 924F 914G 936 962G II 918F 936F 906 938G II 950G II 910F 950F II 966C 924GZ 980F 926 902 950B/950E 924G 930R 988F II 916 962G 928G G936 G926 960F 988G G916 910E 930T 950B 980C 910G 992D 992C 980F II 988F 980G II 904B

    65B 65 75

    engine - generator set
    3408 3208 3114 3116 3304B 3406B D399 3406C 3306 3408C D398B D379B 3304 3412C 3408B 3412

    wheel-type skidder
    120C 518 518C 530B 528 508 528B 545 FB518

    off-highway truck
    784B 789B 789 785 793 785B 793B

    engine - machine

    track-type loader
    953 953B 953C 963 943 963B 963C

    engine - industrial
    3408 3208 3412 3114 3304 3406B 3306 3116 D379 D379B D398 3406C G379A 3406E 3408B G3306 3176B 3408C 3126 G3412 G3408B G399 G342C 3412E G398 SR4 G379 G3406 G3408 3408E D399 3412C D398B

    articulated dump truck
    D250D D20D

    mini hydraulic excavator
    307B 307D 307-A 308D 307C 308C

    motor grader
    160H 120H 160K 120H NA 140K 140H 130G 135H NA 135H 140G 120K 2 120K 12K 120G 160G 12H 160H NA 140K 2 143H 12H NA 140H NA 12G

    wheeled excavator
    M312 M320 M315 M318 W330B M313D M322D M313C M316D M318D M322C M318C MH M318C M315C M316C M325C MH M318D MH W345C MH M322D MH M325B M315D W345B II M330D

    paving compactor
    CS-54 CS-563C CB-545 CP-433E PF-300B CS-433B CS-431C CS-563 CS-74 CB-434 CS-531D CS-74B CS-56B CP54B CS74B PS-300C CP-74B CS-531 CS64B CS-64B CS68B CS-66B CS-76B CB-534B CS-583C CS-433E PS-150C CS-533E CP-68B CB-224B CS-563E CS79B CB-34 CS-683E CP-56 CB-634 CS-423E CP-56B CB-334E XW CP-533C CB-335E PS-360B CP-433C PS-500 CP-573E CB-334D CB-544 CP-54B CB-434B CP56B CS-68B CS54B CB-334E CB-335D CS-643 CP-323 CB-434C CP-563C CS-78B CB-634D CS78B CS-44 CB-214D CS-663E CS-323C CS-583E CP74B CS-79B CS-533C CP-663E CS-323 CB-34 XW CS-583D CP-533 CP-563 CS-653 CP76B CB-535B CS-54B CP-533D PF-290B CP-533E CS-573E PF-300C CS-64 CP-563E CC-34 CS56B CB-534C CP-44 CS-76 CS-573 CS-433C CS-56 CW-34 CS-533 CB-634C CP-653 CB-214C CW-14 CS-533D CCS9 CB-225D CS-583 CP-433B CP-563D CP-74 CP-64 CS-573C CS-531C CP-54 CP-76 CS-563D CB-224D CB-214B PS-360C PS-300B CP-643 CP-323C PS-200B CS-573D PS-150B CP68B CW34 CB-224C

    320D FM 325C L 325-A 322C FM 318C 320 L 330D L 320-A S 349E 325C FM 345B L 345B 322-A L 323E L 314D LCR 349E L 325 L 315-A 352FMHPU 330B L 314E LCR 320C 349D2 L 312C L 321C 320D 330D MH 322B LN 320D2 L 345B II MH 318D2 L 320D2 313F LGC 345D L 349F 312D2 349D L 320D GC 352F 313D2 320-A 330 L 317-A 313D2 LGP 312C 314E CR 352F-VG 320E L E70B 315D L 315-A L 320C FM 317B L 324D FM 320E LRR 320D2 GC 330-A 323D LN 318B N 318D2 325-A FM L 325D 320-A N 330-A LN 345C L 323E LN 330-A L 349D 313D2 GC 312-A 345D 345C 320-A L 323D L 318F L 324D L 325D L 316F L 320B L 322 LN 312E L 325D MH 320D LRR 312D2 L 322C 325F LCR 325-A L M325D L MH 325B L 345B II 320N 319D LN 325-A LN 311D LRR 319D L 325C 349F LXE 320D LN 317 N 330C 312B 314D CR 345D L VG 330C L EL300B 307 320B 325B LN 330D LN 5230B 312B L E200B 328D LCR 320D L 322B L 322B 323F L 349D2 315C 312D 311F LRR EL200B 324D E120B 320D FM RR EL240B 318D L 330D 323D SA 318B 320B FM LL E110B 325B 316E L 330D FM 314C 345C MH 330C FM 321D LCR 325D FM 320E 325 LN 352F OEM 315B FM L 324D FM LL 320B LL 312F 330B LN 312D L 322 L EL240C 352F XE VG 330B 307-A 323E SA 211B 317-A N 320B N 313D 311-A 324D LN 330C MH M325D MH 320D RR 312F GC 319D 320B S 321B 349F L 312E 330C LN 315B 320E RR 311B 320B LU 318E L 320B U 325D FM LL 323D S 349E L VG E240B 317B LN 315B L 320E LN 206B 219D 313B 229D 225D 322-A 231D 205B 212B 320C L 330 LN 323F 5230 E300B 322N 313F L 320D3 330-A L 322-A N 312D2 GC 322-A LN 215D E240C 323D3 311C 323D 313F 319C 313F GC

    wheel tractor-scraper
    621F 623E 657E 627G 633E II 627E 621G 631E 637G 623G 615C 627F 611 613C II 623F 621E 637E 651E 631G 613C 615C II

    manipulador telescópico
    RT100 TH82 RT50 TH83 TH103 TH355B TH220B TH63 TH330B RT80 TH340B TH580B TH360B TH460B TH62 RTC60 RT50SA TH350B RT60 TH560B

    earthmoving compactor
    836G 825G 826G II 825G II 836 826G


    forest products
    345C 322C 539

    track-type skidder
    527 517 120C D4HTSK III 125C D4HTSK II 4P D5HTSK II 54H

    backhoe loader
    426C 434E 430D 428D 416D 436C 438C 432E 426B 426 444E 420D 428C 438B 416C 436B 442E 446B 432D 428B 438D 446D 438 422E 424D 428E 442D 416B 416E 446 428 436 414E 416

    wheel dozer
    824G II 834G 834U 834B 834S 824G

    asphalt paver

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT12B IT18F IT28G IT18 IT38F IT28B IT62G II IT28F IT28 IT18B IT14G IT62G IT24F IT38G IT14B IT14F

    561N 583R 578 561M

    marine products
    3406B D379A 3406C 3208 D398B 3412C 3408B 3196 3412 3306B D379B D399 3306 3176B 3304B 3408C 3408 3406E D398A 3304

    track-type tractor
    5S D5M 6S 4P D6H 5 D5H D6G SR 4 D4H XL D4H III D6R D6H XL D6H II D4E 5P D3K XL 6 D3K2 LGP 4A 8 6SU D6M D4H D5N 4S 6A D6D 55 D4K2 XL D8N 56H D8T 54 D5E 56 D4E SR D3K2 XL D8R D6G 8A D6H XR 8SU D3K LGP D4K2 LGP D6E SR D6G2 LGP 8U D5 5A D6G2 XL D6E D8R II D5H XL 57H