8C-7505: Tornillos para metales: cabeza plana
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    8C-7505: Machine Screws - Flat Head

    Número de pieza: 8C-7505
    Marca: Cat
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    Metric, Coarse Thread UNC

    Made of steel and finished with a zinc plating. Conforms to ANSI B18.6.3 standard

    Advertencia: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • Imperial
    • Sistema métrico
    • Rosca: Rosca gruesa UNC
    • Tipo de destornillador: Cubo hexagonal
    • Tipo de tornillo: Tornillos para metales: cabeza plana
    forest products
    2290 2390 2590 SAT214 552 2 532 552 511 551 541 521 2491 2391 541 2 522

    wheel-type loader
    938G 903D 903C2 902C 906H2 907H 908H 908M 962H 906M 950G II 908 902C2 908K 903C 906K 907K 906H 902 904H 962G II 907H2 907M 901C2 906 901C 938H 950H 908H2

    wheeled excavator
    M318 M315 M312 M320 M313C M322C M316C M318C M315C M325C MH M318C MH

    engine - generator set
    3114 3116

    paving compactor
    PF-300B CS-54B CP-74B CP-54B CS-78B CP-533E CP74B CP-56B CS-56 CB-434B CP-34 PS-300C CP-56 CS-533E CS-563E CS-433E CS-68B CP-323C CS-56B CS54B CS68B CP68B CS-64B CS-66B PF-300C PS-300B CS-44 CS-74B CP-68B CS-423E CB-224C CS-44B CS64B CP-44 CS44B CP54B CS-74 CP-433E CS-323C CS-54 CB-534B CS56B CB-214C CS-64 CP56B CS-34 CP44B CS74B CP-44B CCS7 CCS9 CP-563E CP-54 CP-64

    track-type skidder
    527 517

    skid steer loader
    297C 256C 272C 287C 277C 262C

    backhoe loader
    422F2 416D 430F 420D 427F2 432E 420E 420F 430F2 430D 420F2 450E 428F 416F 430E 442E 432F 432F2 450F 440 416E 444F 428F2 424B2 415F2 434E 424B HD 416F2 428E 426 F2 414E 424B 444F2 444E 434F 450 434F2 422E 422F 415F2 IL

    asphalt paver
    AP-300 AS4251C AP300F AP-555E AP-255E AP-300D AP355F BG555E AS4251 AP-655D AP-600D

    engine - machine

    314D LCR 321D LCR 314D CR 325C 328D LCR 321C 313B 314C 321B 206B 212B

    mini hydraulic excavator
    308C 305 308D 303 304

    work tool
    HM415B TRS18 HM315B HM115C HM315C PW2709 HM312 CR3 HM208 HM4015 PW2503/7 HM315 TRS10 PW2708 HM215C S3 HM112C HM418C HM2615 TRS23 HM210 HM415C TRS14

    manipulador telescópico
    TH337C TH336C TH414C TH514C TH407C TH350B TH580B TH210 TH560B TH220B TH340B TH417C TH460B TH215 TH406C TH355B TH103 TH330B TH360B