1T-0068: Goupilles creuses/goupilles cylindriques
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    1T-0068: Goupilles creuses/goupilles cylindriques

    Numéro de pièce : 1T-0068
    Marque: Cat
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    Taille impériale

    Avec bord chanfreiné pour faciliter l'installation. Acier traité thermiquement

    Avertissement: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    UNITÉS :
    • Impériales
    • Métriques
    • Diamètre de la goupille - A (in): 3/8
    • Désignation des matériaux: steel spring pin
    • Longueur de la goupille - B (in): 5/8
    • Notas: Pin Diameter: 9.52, OAL: 15.88, Roll Pin End Type 1: Chamfer, Roll Pin End Type 2: Chamfer
    • Type de goupille: Goupilles creuses/goupilles cylindriques
    wheel tractor-scraper
    613C, 657B, 613B, 657, 613C II 613, 623B

    PL87, PL83, 589, 583K, 587T, 594H, 583T, 578, 572R II 572R, 594, PL72, 587R, 583R

    motor grader
    16G, 16H NA 14G, 14H, 14H NA 16H

    wheel-type loader
    920, 950, 930, 930T, 936E, 966C, 936F, 966R, 936, G910, 910, 930R, G936

    engine - industrial
    D353E, D353D D320A, D353C, G353D

    wheel-type skidder
    518, 518C, FB518 120C

    articulated dump truck
    D20D, D250D

    off-highway truck
    793D, 793F AC 793F CMD 793F, 793F XQ 793F OEM

    55, 65C, 65B, 65, 75E, 85D, 65D, 35, 95E, 85C, 45, 75C, 75, 65E, 70C, 85E, 75D

    track-type tractor
    D6R III D6R, 58 D8H, D6R II D8N, D7R II D8T, 4P D9N, 57H D6H, 53 10 7U D6T, 8 9SU D8L, D11R, D9G, D9R, 7A 8S D6T XL 11U 6S D10, D6T LGPPAT D7H, D8K, 7SU 8A D4E, 8U 56H D9H, 10U D6R STD 143 D6T LGP D7R, D10R, D8R 9U D4D, D6T XW 7S LGP 57 D10N, 6A D6H II 4S D8R II D6H XL 7 59L 8SU D11T, 140, 9S D6H XR D3B, 59 D7R LGP 6 D7E, D6R XL 7S D10T2, D3, D4H, 4 D4H XL 9C 6SU D10T, D9T, D9L, 59N 56 9 D7R XR 4A D11N, D6T XW PAT 3P 8D 10C 183B D6R LGP 10SU 141 11SU 54 11 3 55, D6T XL PAT 10S D4H III 58L

    integrated toolcarrier

    wheel dozer

    track-type loader
    955H, 973, 941B, 951C, 941, 953, 963, 931, 931B, 943, 951B, 963B 953B, 951, 973D

    track-type skidder
    517 527 54H 4P 120C, D4HTSK III 125C D4HTSK II

    earthmoving compactor