9X-6451: Bouchon de vidange
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    9X-6451: Bouchon de vidange

    Numéro de pièce : 9X-6451
    Marque: Cat
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    Avertissement: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    UNITÉS :
    • Impériales
    • Métriques
    • Désignation des matériaux: Plated Steel
    • Hauteur (in): 1,3
    • Hauteur (mm): 33,02
    • Largeur (mm): 38,1
    • Longueur (in): 1,5
    • Longueur (mm): 38,1
    wheel tractor-scraper
    623K, 621H, 621K, 621K OEM 627H, 657E, 627K, 657B, 623K LRC

    engine - generator set
    C18, 3406C, C15, C13, 3406B, 3456, 3412C, C32, C27, C13 XQ350 C15 I6 C-12, 3406E, C18 I6 3408, 3408B, 3412, C13 XQ375 XQ425, PM3456 C13GENSET 3408C, 3306, G3406

    underground articulated truck
    AD30, AD22, AD55

    forest products
    2864C, TK1051, 586C, 345C

    wheel-type skidder

    expanded mining products
    MD6290, 6015 FS 6018, MD5125, 6030, MD5150C, 6015

    off-highway truck
    771D, 770G, 770, 769D, 770G OEM 69D

    cold planer
    PM622, PM822, PM620, PR-750B, PM820, PR-1000C PM825, PR-1000, PR-450

    track-type tractor

    engine - machine
    3176C, C-12

    petroleum products
    TH35-C13I C15, TH31-C9T TH48-E80 CX38-P800 CX35-P800 CX31-C13I TH48-E70 CX31-C18I C11, CX38-P892 CX31-P600 C32, CX35-C18I C13, CX31-C11I C18, TH35-C13T C27, TH35-E81 TH31-E61 TH35-C15I CX31-C15I 3412E, TH35-C15T TH35-C11I C-15

    track-type loader
    973C, 973

    motor grader
    160M 3 AWD 140M 2 16M3, 12M 2 160M 2 160M 3 16M, 160M, 140M, 140M 3 AWD 14M-3 12M 3 14L 14M, 14M3, 18M3, 140M 3 12M 3 AWD

    wheel-type loader
    966G II 972H, 980C, 966F, 966G, 966F II 966H, 980G II 986K, 972G, 980H, 986H, 972G II 970F, 980G, 966E, 966D, 980F

    engine - industrial
    3412, 3406B, 3408, C-12, C11, C-10, C18, C32, G3408C, C15, 3412E, G3412, G3406, 3408C, CPT372 G3408, 3412C, 3406E, 3406C, SUF557 SPT342 C27, 3408B, 3176C, 3406, SCT673 C13, SPS342 3176B, C-16, HT400 3456, SBF214 3196, C-15

    articulated dump truck
    735, 730, 740, 740B, 730C, 725C, D250E, D400D, 740 GC 730C2, 725, 735 OEM D400E II 730C2 EJ D250E II 725C2, D40D, 735C, 735B, D300E II D350E II D400E, D350E

    engine - truck
    C11, C-10, C9, C13, 3406C, C-16, 3306C, 3408B, 3406E, 3406B, 3408, C-12, C-15, C18, C15, C7, 3176B, C16 3176, C-18

    95E, MT865, MT855, MTC865, 65E, 85C, 75E, MTC845, MTC835, MTC855, 85E, 75C, 85D, 75D, MT835, 75, MT845


    15 to 18 liter
    C18, C18 CKD, C15

    wheeled excavator
    W345C MH W345B II W330B

    road reclaimer
    RM-500, RR-250, RM-300, SS-250

    wheel dozer
    824C, 824G II 814F, 824K, 824H, 824G

    336E L 330-A L 330B L 352F-VG 345C MH 336F, 340F, 349D L 352F OEM 365B L 345D L 352F, 336FMHPU 336 330-A 345C, 336F L XE 336F L 345D, 349E L 345D L VG 349D2 L 330-A LN 345B L 330 L 365B II 330 LN 350-A L 365B, 349F L 350-A 345C L 568 FM 349D, 336E H 345B II 330B, 336E LH 349D2, 336F LN XE 349E L HVG 352F XE VG 349F, 345B, 349E L VG

    wheel loaders

    earthmoving compactor
    815F, 825C, 826K, 816F, 825K, 826H, 826G, 825G II 826G II 825H, 826C