475-2750: HM112C Standard Flow Mulcher
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    475-2750: HM112C Standard Flow Mulcher

    부품 번호: 475-2750
    브랜드: Cat
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    High-performance cutting and mulching of vegetation and overgrowth.

    Cat® Mulchers for Skid Steer Loaders,Multi Terrain Loaders and Compact Track Loaders are designed for high-performance cutting and mulching vegetation and undergrowth from forested terrain. The hydraulic mulcher reduces saplings, shrubs and trees into mulched material, making it ideal for environmental maintenance, such as creating fire lanes. Other applications include: land reclamation, foliage removal from building construction sites, and shredding pruned material and organic waste for biomass production.

    이 어탯치먼트와 호환

    • 미국
    • 미터법
    • 구동 방법: V 벨트
    • 길이(인치): 48
    • 드럼 속도: 2,670-3,070
    • 모터: 차축 피스톤, 변속
    • 무게(lb): 1,682
    • 전체 높이(in): 50
    • 최대 절단 직경(in): 8
    • 최적 유압 흐름(GPM): 16-18
    • 최적 유압(바): 200-230
    • 필수 유압: SF
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