475-6074: 890 mm (35 in) Single Tine Bale Spear
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    475-6074: 890 mm (35 in) Single Tine Bale Spear

    부품 번호: 475-6074
    브랜드: Cat
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    Ideal for hay bales, both round and square as well as other baled material in agriculture applications.

    Cat® Bale Spears are designed for loading and carrying of round and square baled materials. Bales of wheat, hay and other materials can be transported for livestock feed, bedding or carrying for loading, unloading, or moving to storage. Offering optimal rigidity and capacity, the Bale Spear work tools are designed for a long working life.

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    • 미국
    • 미터법
    • 갈래 간격(in): 31.5
    • 무게(lb): 154.3
    • 스태빌라이저 갈래 길이(in): 11.1
    • 용량(lb): 2,000
    • 전체 깊이(in): 46.7
    • 전체 높이(in): 22.4
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