8L-8646: Cogged V-Belt
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    8L-8646: Cogged V-Belt

    부품 번호: 8L-8646
    브랜드: Cat
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    Width: 12.7 mm (0.50 in)

    As a global leader for over 85 years, Caterpillar provides the highly competitive belt technology and options suitable to be used on Cat products for all industries we support.

    • 미국
    • 미터법
    • 벨트 길이(in): 47.01
    • 벨트 길이(mm): 1,194
    • 벨트 유형: V 벨트 - 톱니바퀴형
    • 벨트 폭(in): 0.50
    • 벨트 폭(mm): 12.7
    320B 318B 320B FM LL 315B FM L 320B L 320C 320B LL 320B N 318B N