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    Onderdeelnummer: 8S-1491
    Merk: Cat
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    Waarschuwing: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    earthmoving compactor
    815 816 815F 816F 816B 815B

    65 65C 65B 65D 70C

    wheel-type loader
    972G 936E 936 966C 950B 926E 950 970F G936 950E 930T 966G 930R 966E 966D 966F 930 926 966F II 920 G916 910 980B 950B/950E G910 936F 916 966R G926

    engine - generator set
    3304 3304B 3306B G3306 3306 XQG135 G3306B

    engine - truck
    3306B 3306 3306C 1673C G3306

    petroleum products

    wheel-type skidder
    515 545 518 528 FB518 518C 530B 528B 525 508 120C

    engine - machine
    3306 3304

    engine - industrial
    3204 3306 3304 D330C G3306B G3304 3306B G3304B D333C 3304B G3306 G333C SR4

    track-type loader
    951B 943 931 953 935C 941B 955L 951C 931B 963 977K 931C II 941 951 931C 973 955K 935C II 977 977L 935B 973C 955

    articulated dump truck
    D25C D30D D300B D35C D25D D350D D30C D300D D250B D250E D250E II D300E D300E II D350C

    motor grader
    14E 14G 140G 160H 120B 140 160G 120 14H NA 12H 12G 12F 160H ES 12H NA 120G 130G 140H ES 160H NA 12H ES 163H NA 143H 140H NA 140B 140H

    wheeled excavator

    paving compactor
    CS-643 CB-534 CP-653 CP-643 CS-653

    track-type skidder
    527 D4HTSK II 517 120C D4HTSK III 4P 125C D5HTSK II 54H

    wheel dozer
    814 814B 814F

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT18B IT28 IT28B IT12 IT18

    350-A L 330 L 235B 330B L 350-A 225 EL300B 215 EL300 350 L 235 235D 330-A 330-A LN 330-A L 229 235C 330B LN 215B 225B EL240 E240 E180 E300B E300 330 LN 219D 330B 225D 219 229D 215C 330-A L EL180 215D

    572G 561D 572F 561C 571F 571G 572R

    marine products
    D330C 3304 3306B 3304B D333C 3306

    wheel tractor-scraper
    615C 627 627E 637 637E 627B 627F 637B 621R 637D 621E 639D 615 637G 627G 611 615C II 621S

    track-type tractor
    D7H D6G2 XL D3B D7F D6H D3C D6H II D4D D4E D4C II D6D D3 D5B D6C 163 4P D7R D7G 6SU D5 D6R 143 6S 153 140 D6H XL D6H XR 4A 5P D5C D5C PATLGP 7S 6 D6G2 LGP 7 6A D5H D4B 57H D4H 56H D6G SR D7G2 D6E 7SU 141 53 7A 3P 5S D4C 4S 3 D6F SR D4E SR D5C PAT 5 56 D3C II D5E 5A PAT D4H XL 4 D5H XL D6E SR 7U 3S 54 55 D6G 57 D6D SR 7S LGP 5A D4H III

    load, haul, dump
    R1300G R1300