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    433-2141: HOSE AS

    Номер по каталогу: 433-2141
    Торговая марка: Cat
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    XT-3 ES ToughGuard™ High Pressure Hose Assembly

    XT ES (Enhanced Spiral) ToughGuard™ high pressure hose transfers petroleum based hydraulic fluids at high pressures from pumps and motors to machine components.

    Constructed with a fabric reinforced, synthetic rubber tube and four or six plies of spirally-wrapped high tensile steel wire reinforcement that are separated by layers of synthetic rubber. The synthetic rubber outer cover is oil, weather, and abrasion resistant. XT ES ToughGuard is our ""extra tough"" hose. Not only is this hose impulse tested to 1 million cycles - twice the SAE requirement, it also features a unique ToughGuard abrasion resistant cover that surpassed 2 million SAE abrasion test cycles without any signs of wear. Cat® XT ES ToughGuard hose is also designed to work at half the SAE bend radius. This means they bend better in tight places and substantially reduce hose length requirements. These features provide easier installation, long life and excellent dependability.

    Recommended Application:
    High-pressure service and abrasive applications.

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