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    8S-6511: Sleeve bearing

    Номер по каталогу: 8S-6511
    Торговая марка: Cat
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    Straight Sleeve Bearing

    Cat® Machine Linkage Sleeve Bearings support rotational movement between machine frames, linkages and work tools. They are found mostly in the arms, links, and cylinders of machines. Genuine Cat Pins and Sleeve Bearings are specifically designed to operate as a system to deliver the performance you expect. Caterpillar design engineers match the right combination of dimensions, materials, surface finish, and manufacturing processes to each part to enable them to work and wear effectively with all the other neighboring and dependent parts.

    Cat heavy duty Sleeve Bearings are machined from high grade steel and hardened for exceptional strength and wear life. They work as part of the pin joint system for your specific Cat machine and are tested and proven in the world's most severe applications. They result in a lower overall cost, outstanding strength and fatigue life, superior resistance to abrasive wear, and exceptional protection against pin galling, even in high-load conditions.

    Cat Hardened Steel Plain Sleeve Bearings are designed for conditions that require superior load carrying capacity, strength and wear resistance for longer bearing life. Cat Sleeve Bearings are the top choice for maximum performance in demanding applications. They are designed to match to the mating pin.

    Ищете вариант с запасными частями Yellowmark™?

    Запасные части Yellowmark™ — альтернатива для выполнения ремонта среднего уровня. Это запчасти той же формы, исполнения и назначения, что и оригинальные запасные части Cat®.
    Торговая марка: Yellowmark
    Yellowmark™ Straight Sleeve Bearing
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    528, 527GR


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