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    148-4704: Gasket

    Номер по каталогу: 148-4704
    Торговая марка: Cat
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    Gaskets seal the joint of two mating surfaces to prevent leakage and contamination.

    Cat® parts are manufactured to precise specifications and built for durability, reliability, productivity, cost, and less environmental impact to deliver great value for customers.

    Cat sealing system uses a robust design, testing, and validation process. Buy the latest Genuine Cat gasket to protect your investment.

    Gaskets are used in many static joints throughout Cat machines and engines.

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    wheeled excavator
    W345C MH

    330D MH 352F 340 374F 349D2 L 330D L 320C 335F 336 GC 330C L 340D2 L 321D LCR 324D LN 323 330F 319D LN 320D LRR 325D L 349D L 324D 320D2 L 320D2 320 336D LN 374D L 315D L 329D2 L 326D2 L 320D L 316E L 323F SA 323D L 324D FM 323D2 L 336 322C FM 352F OEM 349D 329D 320 GC 325C 336E L 318C 329E LN 336D L 318D2 325F 319D L 336D2 L 349E L 323F 320D2 GC 340F L UHD 330D 336D 326D2 336D2 323D LN 345C 321B 325D FM LL 323F LN 329D L 336F L XE 336F 320D GC 330D FM 330D2 318E L 320D RR 320D 318D2 L 322C 328D LCR 329E 365B 336E LH 352F XE VG 340F 345D L 324D L 336D2 GC 323D S 323F OEM 349F L 349D2 345C L 330C FM 320E 315C 324E L 345 GC 320E L 336F L 320D2 FM 340F L LRE 320C FM 320D FM 336E HVG 326D L 330FMHPU 325D 320D LN 330 329D2 325F LCR 365C 318F L 320D FM RR 336D2 XE 374F L 330C 349F 323E LN 325C L 329E L 352FMHPU 325C FM 336F LN 349 336E 568 FM LL 336E LN 349E L VG 330D2 L 330C LN 319D 321C 323D3 320F L 323D 349E 345D 568 FM 336E LNH 323F L 330 GC 316F L 324E LN 352F-VG 336F LNXE 352 336F XE 320E RR 330D LN 326F 330F L 345C MH 326F L 329D LN 320C L 345D L VG 365C L 330F OEM 324D FM LL 319C 335F LCR 336D2 LXE 538 558 323D2 365B II 325D MH 349F LXE 318D L 320E LN 325D FM 340D L 330C MH 336F LN XE 349E L HVG 326F LN 320D3 323E L 320E LRR 336E H 365C L MH 330F LN 336D2 L XE 324E 329F L 323D SA 323E SA 336FMHPU

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