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    477-9891: SNOW PUSH, 12', FUSION

    Artikelnummer: 477-9891
    Varumärke: Cat
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    Unique design efficiently removes snow minimizing passes and reducing salt build up.

    Cat® Straight Snow Pushes are designed for optimal snow removal or any material pushing application. Removing applications can range from parking lots, driveways, airport runways and storage lots. Designed to roll and fold snow with a profiled mold board, the Straight Snow Push maximizes the amount of snow being pushed. Once material is contained and displaced, streamlined box supports ensure that snow does not cling to the tool, increasing productivity. The Cat Straight Snow push features a standard trip edge system which protects your machine and tool from unseen obstacles.

    • US
    • Metriska
    • Compatible Model: 924K, 930K, 938K, 926M, 930M, 938M
    • Gränssnitt: Fusion - SWL
    • Hyvelbladets höjd (tum): 34.6
    • Höjd på vippkant (tum): 7.6
    • Length: 62
    • Längd (tum): 62
    • Machine Interface: FUSION
    • Machine Type: Wheel Loaders - 405122
    • Overall Height: 44.4
    • Totalhöjd (tum): 44.4
    • Vikt (lb): 2932.1
    • Vippkant: Steel
    • Weight: 2932.1
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